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Empowering all Children, youths and their families


Princess Mirivet Foundation (Mirivet) is a Non-Governmental Organization not for profit and charity in nature, registered to work in Canada with partners globally to improve children and youths' living conditions for self-sustainability. The organization exists to serve the community through engaging in transformed innovation in favour of creating equal opportunities for all vulnerable individuals and advocates for systematic policy changes and practices. We deliver grassroots programs in some of the most hard-to-reach and underserved areas, like clothing sustainability, food security, and children and youth literacy. We aim toward a more supportive environment for everyone. 

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men and women.

— Frederick Douglass


To build community capacity through innovation and transformation for all individuals but primary children and youth's livelihood improvement in Canada and beyond.


To create and support infrastructures for vulnerable individuals especially children and youths in various communities through innovation and capacity building to access basic human needs and self-sustainability.


A transformed community where everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, has access to fundamental human rights and needs.



Literacy program

With the support of the thriving wishers communities across the country and the world over, we are committed to improving and advancing the quality of life for everyone through education and advocacy.


Mental Health Awareness

To rehabilitate, reform or rebuild the lives of the homeless,  drug addicts, food insecurity, inadequate clothing, and depression. 

We provide mental wellness and other support services for everyone, especially children and youths. 


Children/ youths Leadership 

Our leadership program constantly teaches children/youths their human rights through self-confidence,problem-solving, pro-social programs, and leadership qualities, enabling them to make independent decisions and choices.  We believe leadership in children can be nurtured and grown and, in turn, produce great future leaders.

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Food drive

With our partnerships with different food programs across Canada, such as the second harvest and daily bread food bank, we can help our vulnerable community members access the food they need to stay healthy.



Empower the
Under Privileged children/youths and their families

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