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Support  Children/youths Education

With the support of the thriving wishers communities worldwide, we are committed to improving and advancing the quality of life for children/youths and families through education and advocacy. We have a literacy program that offers children and youths online and in-person books. 

Leadership and Management Programs for  Children/youths

Our leadership program constantly teaches the children/youths their human rights through self-confidence,problem-solving, pro-social programs, and leadership qualities, enabling them to make independent decisions and choices. They also learn to respond well to questions and suggestions. We believe leadership in children can be nurtured and grown and, in turn, produce significant amounts of self-respect and worth. We want to help our children be great future leaders. 

Mental Health Awareness, Sensitization and Treatment

To rehabilitate, reform, or rebuild the lives of vulnerable children/youths and their families by creating a conducive community engagement and development space.  


PMF Annual Barbecue focuses on raising awareness of Canada's vulnerable children/youths' social and economic issues. The PMF barbeque encourages discussions on overcoming the negative changes faced by vulnerable families. Every child has rights to education, health, a nutritious diet, rights to water care, and all other rights associated with human rights. There is an urgent need to promote all sources that positively change vulnerable children/youth's lives just like all other children.

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