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To support the underprivileged in our communities with overlooked services and the necessities such as food, clothing, etc.  To rehabilitate the lives of the homeless through harm reduction programs on substance drugs, mental awareness, and other social and economic issues. You’ll get the chance to impact hundreds of vulnerable individuals in several ways, and you’ll experience what it’s like to make a tangible difference today. Come join us to create positive changes the world needs


You Can Make A Difference

Here are some ways you can donate:


In Person

 18Thorncliffe parks, East York, Ontario, Canada


Donate‏ to fuel our cause

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Call: +1 2262400740

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

How Can We Help?

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Fundraising idea

Please help us ask religious institutes, classes, offices, clubs and others organizations you are involved with to take up a donation at PMF. 


Ask family, friends, classmates, coworkers, politicians and religious leaders to support this PMF good cause.

Provide a meal

“Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry

and bring the homeless poor into the house;

When you see the naked, to cover him;

And not to hide from your flesh?

Involve local Business

 Please ask the businesses in your community to sponsor in any way.

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